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Lubricant Additive Packages

It takes a lot of passion to transform ideas into effective solutions – and even more to turn those into products which contribute to your success! It is this passion that has made us, one of the reputed and trusted manufacturers of value added products not only in India but globally.

In our endeavor to constantly examining the market to find new product and service areas to become involved in, and to be innovative by going after new ideas which are emerging in the international market, we have developed the range of “FinoAdd” Lubricant additive packages and components.

Product Code


FinoAdd 4010

FinoAdd 4010 is a high TBN oil additive package designed for use in formulating cost effective lubricants (For Diesel Engine) which meets the performance requirements of all types of engines. It contains Antiwear, detergents, friction modifiers to impart excellent deposit & Rust control, oil oxidation Resistance & Dispersants.

FinoAdd 4020

Our FinoAdd 4020 has been developed to fulfill multifunctional use in formulating crankcase oils suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. It is a highly detergent additive package possessing excellent thermal oxidation stability characteristics.  Finished oils containing the recommended concentration exceed the engine test performance requirements for API Classification.

FinoAdd 4030

FinoAdd 4030 is an oil additive package Our CF4 diesel engine oil additive package which has good dispersancy and antioxidation properties. It is composed of synthetic sulphonate, ash less dispersant, anti – oxidants, corrosion inhibitors, etc. This oil additive package meets the requirements of API CF, CF – 4 and SJ grades.

FinoAdd 4040

Our FinoAdd 4040 CI 4, CH 4, CI Plus is a performance additive package for formulating premium and super premium quality diesel engine oils. It has developed to meet critical OEM specifications as well as API CI, CI 4, ACEA E 3/5 and global DHD – 1 specifications. Lubricants formulated with this can also be used in passenger car engine requiring API SL or ACEA A3 / B$ category products.

FinoAdd 7010

FinoAdd 7010 is a multipurpose additive for API SL/CF crankcase oils. It has been designed in such a way where it will fulfill the severe requirements of lubricating oil for high output engines. Finished oils containing the recommended concentration of our product exceed the engine test performance requirements for API SL/ SM/SN Classification. it is a highly recommended detergent additive package which possess excellent thermal oxidation stability.

FinoAdd 8010

FinoAdd 8010 is an oil additive package which can be highly recommended to use in formulating crankcase oils suitable for gasoline & diesel engines. It has been designed to fulfill multiple requirements of lubricating oils for high output engines at the same time.

FinoAdd 9010

FinoAdd 9010 is an additive with good dispersancy and anti-oxidation property which is composed of synthetic sulphonate, ash less dispersant, anti-oxidant and corrosion inhibitor etc. It meets the API SL/SJ 4T grade all required performance and shows good friction characteristic with JASO MA2 specifications.

To know more about our products Specification & Quotation, please feel free to write to us on lube@fineorgokem.com or Call Us on +919930 130 165 for any immediate assistance.